At Coral Energy, our success is built upon the strength and dedication of our team, and our people are our most valuable asset.

Our trading, operations, trade finance, hedging, and facilities management groups are made up of hundreds of competent, forward-looking industry professionals in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia Pacific. Together, we create a cohesive and forward-thinking team that thrives on collaboration, innovation, and delivering exceptional results. We are united in our mission to empower our customers, enhance market opportunities, and drive positive change in the energy commodities trading industry.

We do everything in-house, except for very niche functions which we outsource to specialised service and technology firms. We employ more than 120 members of staff of various cultural and ethnic backgrounds. This diversity fosters creative thinking, flexibility, and a better understanding of the market and of our customers’ needs.

Coral Energy’s team is a trusted and reliable ally, facilitating progress for both our suppliers and consumers.