About Us
Established in 2010, Coral Energy is a leading full-cycle international energy commodities trading group. Our global operations are supported by our offices in Dubai and Singapore.

Over the years, we have grown from an ambitious oil and petroleum products start-up trader into a global trading organization with a full range of capabilities and facilities a trader needs. We move primarily liquid hydrocarbons – crude, refined products, LPG. We also deliver petrochemicals, fertilizers, coal, sulphur and other dry bulk commodities.

Our customers are at the heart of everything we do. We believe in building strong, lasting partnerships with suppliers, and buyers based on trust, transparency, and exceptional customer service. When you work with Coral Energy, you can expect personalized attention and support at every step of your trading journey.

We value our freight forwarders, vessel owners and operators, surveyors, derivatives brokers and other infrastructure providers who assist us in delivering the right commodities on time.

We rely on and cherish our relationships with leading financial institutions that finance our trades.

We have built an efficient tech-savvy trading infrastructure that allows us to make thousands of deals per year and deliver millions of tons of commodities to customers around the world. 

Our expertise
  • Source commodities from producers and suppliers worldwide and deliver them to manufacturers and consumers
  • Accumulate, store, and blend commodities
  • Provide trade finance support
  • Manage trade risks through various risk management techniques and multistage hedging activities
  • Manage shipping logistics and ensure reliable and efficient supply chains
  • Control quality to meet demand and match buyer’s requirements with respect to blend, quantity, availability, and timing
Our story
Over the years, Coral Energy has demonstrated its strength, adaptability,
and firm commitment to excellence, taking a leading position in the ever-evolving energy trading sector.
Coral Energy founded.

Our first crude oil offtake contract executed.

Crucial relationships with leading trade finance banks fostered, including BNP Paribas, Société Générale Geneva, and ING Geneva.
Successful performance and growth strategy yielded remarkable results:
new credit facilities with ABN AMRO and Natixis secured.

New product streams started.

A major gasoil offtake contract awarded.

Crude oil and gasoil turnover reaches USD 1.6 billion towards the year end.

Representative office in Geneva established to service relationships with major banks.
Coral team strengthened by recruiting top-tier professionals.

Built relationships with oil industry leaders such as Vitol, Glencore, Gunvor, Tupras, Trafigura, and other medium and small size
Coral Energy’s status as a reputable player within the market solidified.

Product portfolio diversified beyond crude and gasoil.

New suppliers and buyers added to the partner network.

By the close of 2013, Coral Energy was engaged in trading large volumes of naphtha, fuel oil and petrochemicals sourced from regions including Russia, Central Asia, and Eastern Europe, supplying Turkey, the Middle East, and various European countries.

The trading team grown to 15 dedicated professionals.

Turnover of USD 5.9 billion achieved.

Derivatives accounts with Newedge and Jefferies opened - a pivotal step in further development of the Group’s risk management capability.
Physical expansion to new geographies. Dubai office established, new entities incorporated to strategically target the Middle East region.

Further turnover growth.

More and varied relationships with financial institutions and credit facilities.

Industry counterparty network expanded.

A successful audit by Baker Tilly Singapore elevated the Group’s rating, cementing its position as a trusted business partner and a reliable counterpart for leading banks.
Trading team reaching 33 dedicated professionals across the 3 core offices in Baku, Dubai and Geneva.

A forward-looking expansion plan deployed to service further growth - physical expansion into new territories including Turkey, Russia and select European countries initiated.

A broader network of banks such as Raiffeisen, UniCredit, Credit Suisse, BCP, BCGE, and CEP, alongside numerous Dubai and Turkish banks have chosen to support Coral Energy as a robust and reliable market player.
Coral Energy proudly stands as a multinational group with an extensive and diverse product portfolio sourced from various countries and delivered to diverse global markets.

Two offices in Istanbul and Moscow set up to service the Group’s business development drive and operational efficiency requirements employing 46 professionals.

Bank lines have grown to USD 205 million.

Turnover of USD 6.5 billion achieved.
A major corporate governance upgrade to support sustainable growth.

Group CEO, CFO, CTO, and COO hired – a top level senior management team formed.
Inaugural offtake contract with Sonatrach signed extending Coral Energy’s presence across the MENA region.
Presence in the MENA region and Central Asia expanded – new offtake contracts secured in North Africa and Turkmenistan.

Arbitrage trades with major buyers in Singapore and Asia Pacific became regular.
Market conditions caused by the COVID pandemic prompted Coral Energy to focus on enhancing its risk management framework.

Despite the pandemic challenges, the Group managed to achieve remarkable double-digit growth. This success was driven by resilience to market volatility and opportunities seized arising from market shifts, as certain players exited due to financial constraints and market instability.
The post-COVID environment provided Coral Energy with favourable opportunities for business growth.

The first long-term contract with Nayara Refinery for high-density diesel offtake executed – a significant milestone.

Backed by its new sourcing capabilities in Central Asia, Coral Energy becomes a bunker supplier to the Turkish market.

This fiscal year witnessed a turnover of USD 15.7 billion.
The first long-term contract with Saudi Aramco – another major milestone.

Decision to withdraw from the Russian market announced following completion of contractual obligations. By year end, Coral Energy ceased trading crude and products of the Russian origin completely.

Further business expansion in the MENA region, with new projects in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Lebanon, Algeria, Tanzania, Egypt, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Indonesia.
We are committed to further expanding our business in the Middle East, Central Asia, and the Asia Pacific regions, with a specific emphasis on Africa.
Our mission
to facilitate trade flows that connect specialized producers with manufacturers and consumers while adhering to our core values in doing business – stability, integrity, sustainability, and transparency – to ensure commodity availability when and where it is needed.
Our goal is to deliver
  • the right quantity
  • of the right product
  • in the right condition
  • at the right time
  • to the right location
  • at the agreed price